Meet our incredible team



Loves magic since he was born. Thinks on new illusions even when sleeping. Loves to chat with David Copperfield about new ideas and Zelda is one of his hobbies.


Head of engineering

Electronics are his thing. Designing mechanical craziness too. When programming he listens to epic music. Seems like a good combination!


Shipping & customer care

With a degree in Marketing Ana takes care of every customer request with love and attention, making part of our company DNA. Loves anything pink, including gummy bears.



With a degree in cinema, Miguel is a true master in filming and video editing. Truthful magic trailers with meaning are his mission. Loves magic and never leaves home without a deck of cards.



Bruno is a brilliant magician and his attention to quality control before a product leaves the facilites is crucial. Started to work with João in 2018, in full time, despite being very busy performing as well.


Product manufacturing

Paulo is a very skilled manufacturer that works with the company since its beginning, building micro parts that you could only see with a microscope. Loves traveling.


Packaging designer

With a degree in design, he is responsible for designing the packages of most products. He is also a personal friend of João for over 15 years.


Product manufacturing

From Brazil, Renilson is a very skilled technician. He helps in the production of our complex illusions.
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